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Resilience -the capability of an organization to anticipate risk, limit impact, and bounce back rapidly through survival, and adaptability in the face of turbulent change.


Learn about the "ORG", our evidenced based assessment software to help nonprofits assess and strengthen their resiliency.

Click here for information on how Patmos is using the Organizational Resiliency Game Plan (ORG) software, also known as the "Risk Navigation Tool" to help improve the health of nonprofits.

Watch a Video of how our ORG Tool ("Organizational Resiliency Gameplan") was used by one nonprofit to improve their overall health and sustainability.

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With the economic downturn of the last two years, the nonprofit sector is facing conditions much more difficult than in years past.  It is no longer sufficient to merely adapt to new demands, cope with the stress of uncertainty, or adjust to disruptions.  Patmos’ aim with each of our clients is to increase their resilience.  Resilience is the force that allows organizations and individuals to go beyond survival and to actually prosper in environments that are becoming increasingly complex.  We help organizations in good and bad times through incorporating planning tools such as the ORG Assessment Tool and offering practical, solutions based guidance and support through our consultative services and workshops. Our nonprofit consulting projects range from targeted workshops on surviving environmental and economic disasters to ongoing consultative work aimed at improving organizational effectiveness and capacity building.  Our clients range from small nonprofits with budgets of $1 million to large regional nonprofits.

Patmos Consulting provides to Non-Profits:

§  Strategic and Business Planning 
§  Business Continuity Planning for Environmental and Economic Disasters 
§  Communicating with boards, funders, and financial institutions 
§  Partnerships and Mergers 
§  Organizational Capacity Building 
§  Program Assessments 

An Example of Our Work:

A large regional arm of a national nonprofit organization needed help accessing its current and future risks, adapt its business model, and implement strategies to navigate the economic crisis they were facing.  Our work involved strategic planning, performing a contingency planning assessment, financial document review, and tactical planning with management.  Scenario planning helped the organization undertake opportunities for risk mitigation, explore new revenue and cost savings opportunities and identify triggers to guide the Board in mid-course corrections…all in an effort to ensure that the organization is able to provide critical services despite financial challenges.


Benefits of this and similar engagements include:

  1. Organizations have tools to identify areas of financial weaknesses.
  2. Organizations have tools to identify potential vulnerability and exposure in its programs and services.
  3. Management has tools to review business processes and practices to determine which areas of the organization have the biggest impact on driving revenue, performing critical services, and controlling costs.
  4. Short-term decisions prepare the organization to be financially sound for the long haul.
  5. Organizations prepare themselves to operate in a new economic reality.


Helping to build efficient, sustainable, and resilient nonprofit organizations through market-based assessments and solutions.