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The Organizational Resiliency Gameplan (ORG)Helping foundations build resilient nonprofits

Every nonprofit wants to make a difference in their community but sometimes organizations need help achieving their goals and linking their mission to clear action. Our ORG platform of software and consulting support provides solutions to help nonprofits take action towards increasing their sustainability and furthering their mission impact. For established nonprofits, once principles of good governance and ethical practice have been instituted and programs are up and running, the challenge becomes developing and sustaining business practices that lead to greater stability and achieve measureable results, despite the economic landscape and changing policy climate.  In order to succeed in this environment, nonprofits, and the foundations that support them, need a new measure -- a resiliency capacity measure -- to gauge the nonprofit’s ability to adapt to these changing contexts.

Resiliency capacity- the ability of a nonprofit to adapt, change and thrive, while continuing to develop effective processes, structures, and programs in order to take action and achieve its mission.

The ORG is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cost-effective, scalable assessment platform.  Unlike other assessments that only explore a single area of an organization’s capacity and health (like finances) or gives an overall score, the ORG tool examines key indicators across these five critical areas of a nonprofit’s resiliency:

  • Financial and organizational management
  • Resource generation
  • Operations and infrastructure
  • Governance and leadership
  • Programs

Time and again, the Organizational Resiliency Gameplan (formerly known as the  Risk Navigation Tool) provided by Patmos has proven valuable to nonprofits of any size.

“For our participating nonprofits, their interaction with the assessment Tool created an opportunity for rich and informed board and leadership discussion and identified areas of expertise and areas where additional assistance may be indicated.”

Joanne Pulles – President – The HCA Foundation

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