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“John Hilley at Patmos provided deep experience and dedication and strong people skills to our recent project to mature our business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  He was effective at making sure our core business processes and IT technology supports are aligned. The result was a BCP plan that will help us service our clients should we face a business interruption or a disaster. He provided these services on time and budget.” 

- Jon Ayers, President, Group Data Services, Parsons, TN

Patmos, LLC provides services for corporate clients focusing on resiliency. Patmos' diverse and unique set of experiences and skills – business continuity and disaster recovery planning, aligning processes and systems, leadership development, change management with heart, risk assessment and strategic planning -- provide the fundamentals which organizations need to survive and grow, while adapting to today’s challenging and complex realities. 

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Patmos’ Business Continuity Management (BCM) services offer reasonable enterprise solutions to organizations. We assist them in the analysis, development, execution, and performance of executable plans.  We care about helping our clients maintain continuous operation of their critical business processes and IT resources as well as meet compliance requirements, maintain reliability of brand confidence and loyalty, reduce risk, and instill confidence of existing clients and grow their customer base.
Consultative engagements with corporate clients focus upon people, processes, and technology and have included: 
  • Business impact analysis to understand critical tasks and dependencies and IT supports; 
  • Developing enterprise-wide business continuity strategies including financial, vendor relationships and contracts; 
  • Project management; 
  • Policies and procedures to address logical and physical security issues to satisfy compliance issues; 
  • Overseeing multiple tabletop exercises and IT failover tests; 
  • Data breach audits; 
  • And facilitating boards of directors towards coalescence and evaluating and establishing ethical standards. 
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