About Patmos

Our Mission

Helping to build efficient, sustainable and resilient organizations through market-based assessments and solutions.

Our Work

Patmos LLC provides services and tools to the nonprofit and foundation sector through MyGamePlan.Org.  Our team represents over 20 years in nonprofit leadership and management consulting services to foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and academic institutions. Working with this broad spectrum of clients, we provide organizational assessments, strategic planning, program development, financial management practices, risk management, and implementing institutional change practices.

Our History

Formed in  2005, Patmos provides business continuity management consulting services to business, nonprofits and foundations.  With nonprofits, we provide strategic and business planning, diagnostic assessments and management consulting to help nonprofits navigate the challenges of running a nonprofit in today’s world. 

Patmos Consulting owes its name to an island in Greece which holds special meaning to the principal, John Hilley as it is where the business plan launching the organization was written. Those familiar with the Bible may recognize the name as the island where the disciple John, who was banished to this deserted island by a Roman emperor, wrote The Book of Revelation. It is a small, hilly island near the coast of Turkey. At its highest point, a monastery was built in 1088 to protect the monks from invading pirates. The Patmos logo, with its “alpha” that looks both like a mountain and a delta – the Greek symbol for change – reflects Patmos Consulting’s intent to help individuals and organizations be more secure through these times of change.